Fulfill your vacation with family and friends at Hua Hin with a villa.

We strive to provide a relaxing experience and socialize with friends and families with 6 big villas with many sizes with different uses and facilities and entertaining equipment for example, swimming pools, karaoke, a kitchen, disco balls, and free wifi with electricity all around the house. You can also bring your lovely pets!  That is why our house is the best place for our families and friends to relax and enjoy.

Our house is in a very good location. It is near the market, groceries stores, restaurants and many important places.

Are you ready to open your eyes and see the whole Huahin city at Baan Huahin Family?

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Hua Hin Family,291 Moo 14, Hua Hin-HuayMongkol Road, Hin Lek Fai
Pattamaporn A.
Tel: 0897083332, 0827051819

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